Troops: I have individually reported the grading of your lab 5 submissions.  Almost universally these reports were very well organized regarding data presentation!!   Most Conclusions were bulletized, but MUST be improved to express ALL pertinent data quantitatively.   The archive is open.    Other key points pertinent to this lab exercise include:


1. the moment solution for the point load EB beam DOES NOT converge!! as the FE solution is EXACT for any mesh M!  Your attempt to estimate convergence rate is thus futile – your computed data is ONLY roundoff error, and note that it GROWS as you refine the mesh!!.   LOOK carefully at your data rather than proceeding with blinders on.


2. the mixed load case degrades convergence rate to essentially linear for both EB and T beam theories.  The theoretical asymptotic error estimate predicts this is possible when the data are "rough enough."  It is not “physically” apparent that this loading constitutes rough data is it??  Hopefully a pertinent lesson is learned?!


3. make sure you label the slopes of the theory comparative straight lines on your convergence graphs.  Always include convergence graphs!!


4. some of you omitted data on underintegrating the T beam theory beam term - why??


5. Conclusions MUST contain ALL pertinent determined data.  DO NOT refer to the Discussion section.  It is your conclusions that will most interest your BOSS in industry!  .    AJB