OCLC Research to Host "Books as Expressions of Global Cultural
Diversity" Webinar on 16 September 

You are invited to join Post-Doctoral Researcher Timothy J. Dickey for
an overview of an OCLC Research data mining project that looked at
WorldCat data to reveal transnational patterns in literary publishing,
the preservation of individual countries' literary heritage, and the
cultural diversity present in the books. 

In this books as expressions of global cultural diversity
project, researchers considered the overall annual publishing for every
country of the world, the libraries that collect and even import a
country's works, the "foreign" monographs their libraries import, and
the proportion of publications in various official and native languages.
These efforts produced a rich data portrait of the global literary arts
(as reflected library records in the WorldCat database), with emphasis
on cultural literary heritage by country and region and includes a
wealth of case studies in single countries' practices in both literary
publishing and the preservation of their literary heritage.

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Webinar participation is free but advanced registration is required.
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