A. A foreigner who is not an overseas Korean or is an overseas Korean with a foreign nationality

B. A person who received a doctoral degree from a renowned university located overseas. Priority is given to those whove worked as a professor at a renowned foreign university, made outstanding research achievements, and who are well-known across the globe.

C. A person who can conduct lectures in English (or a person who can give lectures in Korean, if there is such a request by the relevant department)




A. Full-time lecturer: A person who has a masters degree (in arts or sports, or made outstanding research achievements; holds an office as a full-time professor)

B. Assistant professor / Associate professor: A person who has a doctoral degree or who was an assistant professor or had a higher status at a renowned university


3. REMUNERATION (in Korean Won)


A. It is determined based on deliberation, under the responsibility of the relevant college dean, according to ones experience (lecture, research) and research achievements (research paper)

- Social and Human Sciences or Arts and Physical Educations

:  about 50,000,000


B. With regards to a person with experience equivalent to that of a regular professor, the remuneration will be separately determined after deliberation, according to ones experience




A. From March 1, 2011 (renewal of contract on an annual basis)

B. Annual salary system based on lectures and research performance (salary shall be determined on an annual basis based on deliberation)


5. BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Lectures in English and Research


A. A professor of Social and Human Sciences or Arts and Physical Educations Must give at least 15 credits of lectures in his/her major per year.

B. A professor of Natural Sciences or Engineering Sciences Must give at least 12 credits of lectures and also submit 1 SCI(E) thesis per year.

C. A professor of Liberal Arts including Foreign language educations Must give at least 24 credits of lectures per year.

A professor must gain B or higher levels in the lecture evaluations students do.


6. SUPPORT FOR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES (Incentives on Research Paper)


- For research papers that are published in the name of KU after employment:

A. A research paper subsidy worth 1 million to 2 million won is given according to the Impact Factor (IF) per SCI or SCIE-level research paper (main author)

B. Three hours of lectures for the subsequent semester can be replaced by a SCI or SCIE-level research paper (main author)

In terms of research paper incentives, a deliberation and decision will be made, under the responsibility of the college dean, after an application is made by the person who wants to receive the incentive. An application cannot be made for both the subsidy and lecture replacement with the same research paper.





A. Providing lodging (including moving expenses)

- Providing apartments to foreign professors (utility charges should be paild at residents expense)

- Moving expenses : Financial support of no more than 2 million won is given to a foreign professor after the initial appointment.

B. Subscription for health insurance, Korea Teachers Pension, and group insurance (safety)

C. Support for issuance of a visa

- An F-3 (long-term sojourn) visa can be issued for ones spouse and children aged less than 20

- Subscription to the national health insurance is possible for family members who were issued an F-3 visa

- Lodging provided to family members who were issued an F-3 visa

D. Reduction of or exemption from income tax

- Income tax is reduced or exempted for at least two years after entering the nation, in case of a person from a country that has concluded, with Korea, a tax reduction or exemption agreement.




- The articles above may partially change according to the schools conditions.




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