The Journal for Education in Library and Information Science (JELIS) is
seeking doctoral students to serve as interns on its Editorial Board. Two
interns will be selected for two year appointments.

 Editorial Board Interns will gain experience in research publication by:

1. Co-authoring a journalist-style profile for each issue to be published on
the JELIS website.

2. Posting tables of contents, profile and featured research articles and
moderating blog posts.

3. Assisting the editors in coordinating and staffing the annual meetings of
the editorial board (held at the ALISE annual conference).

4. Attending editorial meetings once a month to assist the editors in
coordinating activities of the editorial board, including:

   - Identifying the scope of journal content and, when appropriate, themes
   for various issues.
   - Determining criteria for accepting manuscripts for publication

   - Developing criteria and guidelines for reviewers to use in reviewing
   each type of manuscript (research articles, brief communications and
   - Developing criteria and guidelines for authors to use in creating each
   type of manuscript (research articles, review articles, brief communications
   and reviews).
   - Formulating recommendations for consideration by the ALISE Publications

5.      Assisting the editors in soliciting and reviewing manuscripts as

6.      Assisting in preparation of manuscripts for final publication.

7.      Promoting JELIS to potential authors, reviewers, readers and

8.      Assisting with data collection for annual JELIS satisfaction survey.

Application deadline is September 15, 2010. Applications are available at

Kathleen Burnett & Michelle Kazmer
Editors, JELIS
FSU School of Library & Information Studies