Do the math! You get value, and you can return value to your workplace if
you come to PCOC. 


Follow an English major's math and logic: STC Society webinars are typically
$79 for 50 minutes. Some speakers at the Practical Conference on
Communication (PCOC), October 7-9, Nashville, Millennium Maxwell House
Hotel, are giving their very same webinar talk--the very same that would
cost you $79 to attend via the Web. 


So eight webinars would cost you $620, ten would be $790-the very same
number of sessions you could attend at PCOC for just $287 to $349, depending
on STC membership. And it's live.  Real-not e-People-attend sessions with
you. You can discuss the speakers' points, network, interact, and have a
contact or two for life.


It's not too late. Tell your employer about the value you will bring back to
your workplace. Check out the speakers, program, and registration process at


See you at PCOC!