If you have checked out the PCOC webpage, http://pcoc.stc-etc.org/, you already know what a great group of speakers we have assembled to speak to topics that are important to technical communicators.

Did you also know the conference organizers want to meet and talk with each participant individually to connect them with a helpful resource, if not at PCOC then later? Tell your employer that this is the place to learn, connect, and resolve "that" specific issue 2010 dropped in your lap.

Here are some specifics from the website:

Building and Sustaining a Technical Communication Career

October 7 - 9
Millennium Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran technical communicator, our conference provides practical tips for growing your career. Beginning with Neil Perlin’s keynote on new technical communication technologies and methodologies, the conference leads participants through ways to harness the tools, acquire the skills, find the jobs, and function effectively in them. An added bonus: Neil’s popular and useful workshop on Adobe Captivate 5 is offered Thursday afternoon at the conference hotel, the Millennium, in Nashville.


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