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July 30, 2010

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IMLS Awards National Leadership Planning Grants to 13 Institutions, $763,715 Distributed

Washington, DC—The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the primary source of federal support for the nation’s museums and libraries, announces that 13 institutions are receiving National Leadership Collaborative Planning Grants (NLG) totaling $763,715. Grantees will contribute $491,995 in matching funds. There were 62 applications to the program with requests totaling $3,752,309.

The NLG program includes two types of collaborative planning grants, which enable multi-institution project teams to work together to either plan a single project or to produce a white paper that will encourage multiple projects; and project grants, including both research and implementation grants, for which that preliminary work has already been done. National Leadership Grant research and implementation awards will be announced in September.

“National Leadership Collaborative Planning Grants provide opportunities to conduct research and develop the framework to support future projects that have the potential to generate new tools, research, models, services, practices, or alliances that will positively impact museums, libraries, and the communities they serve,” said IMLS Acting Director Marsha L. Semmel. “These projects encourage partnerships that address national issues of importance impacting education, scholarship, and public service and encourage the broad application of standards and models to improve professional practice.”


Today’s awards were made in two levels:

• Level I Collaborative Planning Grants support activities required to fully develop ideas for a National Leadership Grant project among project partners and result in such products as plans, prototypes, or proofs of concept, which could lead to a single, subsequent National Leadership Grant proposal.

• Level II Collaborative Planning Grants support workshops, symposia, or other convenings of experts with the purpose of fostering discussion and consideration of nationally important issues to libraries, archives, and/or museums. Meetings and their associated white papers should catalyze new directions for partnerships and provide information and inspiration for multiple National Leadership Grant proposals.

These projects include:

Heart of Brooklyn Cultural Institutions – Brooklyn, NY

National Leadership Grants for Library-Museum Collaboration

Heart of Brooklyn will partner with the Institute for Learning Innovation and the Center for the Study of Brooklyn to examine factors that encourage or inhibit meaningful collaborations among cultural institutions. This work will include invited expert consultants representing libraries, archives, and museum from various communities across the nation. The planning activity will produce a report with realistic recommendations for successful collaborations. This report will be disseminated widely throughout the national, cultural, and non-profit sectors.

University of Massachusetts Medical School – Worcester, MA

National Leadership Grants for Libraries

The libraries of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Worcester Polytechnic Institute will collaboratively develop and test an instructional framework and delivery system for openly accessible, online instructional modules on preserving, managing, and sharing digital data. The online courses will be delivered to students in science courses at both institutions, ranging from first-year science and engineering students, to graduate-level medical, nursing, and biomedical students. The primary goal of the project is to teach these essential skills early in the training of both science and medical professionals.

American Public Garden Association – Kennett Square, PA

National Leadership Grants for Museums

The American Public Gardens Association (APGA) will evaluate the role of public gardens as forces of change in communities striving to be more sustainable. It will create a process model that demonstrates how to best implement and maintain community outreach programs. Using case study methodology, APGA will conduct visits of gardens engaging in sustainable community development to document the contributions they are making in their communities, the ways that they partner with community organizations, and the barriers that arise. Products will be presented in a Community Greening Guide and scholarly publications.

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The next deadline for the National Leadership Grants program is February 1, 2011. Please click here for more information.About the Institute of Museum and Library Services

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