Library and Information Science Trends and Research: Europe
Publisher: Emerald Library and Information Science Book Series
Book Editors:
Amanda Spink, Professor and Chair in Information Science, Loughborough University (UK)
Jannica Heinstrom, Associate Professor, Abo Akademi, Finland
Proposal Submission Deadline: September 1, 2010
Accepted Full Chapters Due: February 1, 2011
Library and Information Science Trends and Research: Europe, co-edited by Professor Amanda Spink and Dr. Jannica Heinstrom seeks to provide an understanding of the new directions in library and information science/management trends, education and research in Europe.
Europe is a major economic region of the world with a growing population and economy. As the region has developed socially and economically in the last ten years, the field of library and information science and management has also grown in educational and research developments. In particular, there is considerable diversity throughout different European regions as information becomes part of people’s everyday social and life processes.
The book seeks to present chapters by a range of scholars who discuss trends, education and research directions in library and information science/management in Europe. Chapters are sought that cover library and information science/management research, education and trend studies in policy, bibliometrics, user behaviour, educational issues and other aspects related to the field in Europe. 
Professor Amanda Spink is Chair in Information Science at Loughborough University in the UK. Dr. Jannica Heinstrom is Associate Professor in the Department of Information Studies at Åbo Akademi University, , Finland.

Potential contributors are invited to submit an abstract or a 1-2 page chapter proposal to the book Editors by September 1, 2010, detailing the background, motivations and structure of the proposed chapter. Authors will be notified in short order as to the status of their proposal and sent organizational guidelines.
Full chapters should be at least 8,000-9,000 words in length and are due by February 1, 2011. Final revised manuscripts are due on April 1, 2011 for a publication date later in 2011.
Inquiries and submissions can be forwarded electronically to both:
Professor Amanda Spink[log in to unmask]
Dr.Jannica Heinstrom[log in to unmask]
Professor Amanda Spink
Chair in Information Science
Editor - Emerald LIS Book Series
Department of Information Science
Loughborough University
Ashby Road, Leicestershire LE11 3TU
United Kingdom
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