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July 23, 2010

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IMLS Issues RFP that Will Implement National Broadband Plan Instructions

Washington, DC-The National Broadband Plan
( released in March 2010 presented a
vision of pervasive and affordable broadband that will provide every
American an equal opportunity to engage in the educational, economic,
and social life of the nation. Recommendation 9.3 of the Plan instructs
the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to "develop
guidelines for public access technology based on populations served and
organization size. These guidelines would help libraries and
community-based organizations assess their needs for public access
workstations, portable devices, and bandwidth. IMLS should work with
these organizations to develop guidelines and review them annually to
reflect changing technology and practices." 

In response, IMLS today issued a Request for Proposals
( for a cooperator to develop a
framework of the principles, elements, or characteristics of
organizations and communities that foster digital inclusion. This
framework is the first step in the development of final guidelines that
will be used as the basis for benchmarks, evaluation tools, or
performance measures. 

The ultimate purpose of this work is to provide resource allocators,
policy makers, and community leaders with the tools they need to build
the capacity of public libraries and community-based organizations to
meet the public's information needs. IMLS encourages coordination among
these stakeholders so they leverage existing infrastructure and make
strategic investments to achieve digitally-inclusive communities. 

Deadline for proposals is August 30, 2010, with the anticipated award
amount of $150,000. The award will be for a maximum of six months from
date of award. The estimated award date is October 15, 2010, with a
start date of November 1, 2010, contingent upon fiscal year 2011

Information about completing and attaching forms and other documents in
the application can be found in the National Leadership Grant
guidelines posted on the IMLS Web site:, pages 29-50. 

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