Once again I turn to this list for its collective wisdom.


The university was recently the target of an orchestrated attack on desktop machines that took us quite a while to clean up.  Add to that the recent changes in MA laws regarding personal information and we are at a point where we need to change the way we have done things.  In the past, we’ve allowed people to run as administrators on their own machines.  Mostly to facilitate software installs and program functionality.  We are now trying to change user’s accounts to regular accounts and not have everyone run as administrators but surprisingly and I guess not surprisingly we are getting push back from some of the upper staff here.  Does anyone have any documented best practices where they do not allow people to run as administrators on their own machines?  If not, what is everyone doing as far as account privilege levels on staff machines.  Do you run as regular users or do you allow them to run as administrators?




Rick Heckbert
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