The Third International Symposium on

Library and Information Science Education in the Digital Age

First Announcement and Call for Papers



School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China


March 1, 2010


Since the Second International Symposium on Library and Information Science Education in the Digital Age, which was successfully hosted by the School of Information Management (SIM) of Wuhan University, China in the year of 2006, the Library and Information Education (LISE) has been facing new challenges, and new opportunities in the digital environment. It is also noticeable that the iSchools movement has been fast developing in recent years. In 2010, the year of 90th Anniversary of SIM (1920-2010), SIM will be holding the Third International Symposium on Library and Information Science Education in the Digital Age from October 9 to 11, 2010, as one of the celebration events of the Anniversary. This Symposium will take place at Wuhan University, Wuhan, China. With Wuhan University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Pittsburg, and Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) jointly serving as co-organizers, SIM, the Center for the Studies of Information Resources(CSIR) of Wuhan University, and the International Collaborative Academy of Library and Information Science (ICALIS) of Wuhan University will be co-hosting this venue.


The forthcoming Symposium targets to facilitate the academic exchanges between LIS educators and researchers at home and abroad, and to develop the relationships between China LIS circles and iSchools and ALISE. It also aims to tighten the ties between the education of Library Science, Information Science, Archival Science, and the professional practice.


1. Theme and Topics


The theme of this Symposium will be Challenges and Professional Future of Library and Information Science Education in New Environment. The topics under the theme will include:


--Challenge and Models of LISE in New Environment  

-- iSchools and the Reform and Innovation of LISE

-- iSchools Movement and Its Impact on Asia LISE

--The Future of LISE in the New Environment

-- The Education of Librarians in the New Information Environment

--How can iSchools develop quality and profession oriented LISE programs

-- How can LISE play an active role in developing China Information Society and boosting the Information Literacy of general public

--Challenges to Archival Education and the Future of Archival Profession in the New Information Environment

--Comparative Research of Archival Higher Education in China and Other Countries

--Round-table Meeting of Sino-U.S. LIS Deans and Chairs for a discussion of the future and suggestions on cooperation opportunities

--The Future of iSchools Graduate Education


We sincerely invite experts, Deans/Chairmen, Directors, and students in the library science, information science and archival science fields to attend.


2. Dates, Places and Fees


Registration Day:     October 8, 2010

Sessions:              October 9 – 11, 2010

Place:                  University Lodge of Wuhan University


The registration fees are waived. In addition to the local arrangements made by the organizers, the participants will take care of their own transportation and accommodation during the venue. 


The Symposium will be financially supported by the 211 Project of Wuhan University.


3. Requirements for Papers and Deadline for Submission


Paper submission must not be published, accepted for publishing, or under consideration for publication elsewhere. It will be up to the Academic Committee of the Symposium to make the decision on if your paper is accepted. The criteria for acceptance: (1) the importance of your topic; (2) the originality of your paper; (3) informative, reliable information in your paper; (4) presentation and expression of your paper ; (4)if your paper has been published before. Paper matrix is designed to A4. It should be with Word 2003 or Word 2007 version, and includes (in the order): paper title, author, affiliations, mailing address and email address, summaries and key words in both Chinese and English, main parts of your paper, references and a profile of the author(s). For specific requirements for the format of the paper, please also refer to the international standard. Please provide us with an e-version of your paper, which should be easy for editing and publishing.


The Proceedings will be published. The deadline for paper submission will be September 1, 2010.


4. Contact Information

Contact Persons:

Ms. Li Zha

Prof. Ximing Xiao

Prof. Ruhua Huang


Mailing Address:

School of Information Management

Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Postal Code: 430072

Phone:  + 86 27 68754541 (Li Zha)

+ 86 18971378988Ximing Xiao

+ 86 13720116276Ruhua Huang

Fax:       +86 27 68754541

E-mail:  [log in to unmask]Li Zha

[log in to unmask]Ximing Xiao

[log in to unmask]Ruhua Huang



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