The First Announcement on the 90th Anniversary Celebration of

the School of Information Management, Wuhan University



The Anniversary Celebration Preparatory Committee

School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China


March 1, 2010

Since its origin on the Flowery Forest Street, Wuchang, Wuhan in 1920, till its flourish in Luojia Hill in 2010, the School of Information Management (SIM) of Wuhan University has now come to its 90th birthday.

In 1920, Ms. Mary Elizabeth Wood from U.S.A, together with the pioneers of Chinese modern library science, Samuel Tsu-Yung Seng and Thomas C. Hu, established the Boone Library School, Boone University, which was then renamed as Boone Library School, Wuchang in 1929. In 1953 it was merged into Wuhan University and became the first Library Science program in China. In 1956 its name was changed to the Department of Library Science of Wuhan University, which was renamed in 1984 as the School of Library and Information Science, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, China (MOE). In 2001, it adopted the name of School of Information Management (SIM) of Wuhan University.

With the great support from the government, other universities and the whole society, as well as with 90-year great efforts and devotion of faculty members and alumni both at home and abroad, SIM has become a comprehensive research-oriented information management education and research institute with educational programs in library science, information science, archival science, publishing science, information management and systems, E-commerce, information resources management, and management science and engineering. These programs cover all levels: bachelor, master, and Ph.D. The school also has established post-doctoral programs and coordinately-developed systems of continuing education, high-level training, and professional degree education of various modes. SIM has 105 faculty members, including 35 professors. Among the faculty there are one Senior Professor in humanity and social science, six Level-two Professors, one National Notable Teacher, one Chang Jiang Scholars Program Professor, eight experts with the special governmental allowance from the State Council, eight persons that have been listed in the 21 Century Excellent Talent Project of MOE, and three Luojia Distinguished Professors at Wuhan University. Meanwhile, SIM has a group of part-time professors who are well-known domestically or internationally. SIM’s Library Science program and Information Science program were selected as National Key Subject programs, and its Library, Information and Archival Management has become the key primary subject at the national level(with Library Science, Information Science, Archival Science, Publishing Science, and Information Management). In addition, its Management Science and Engineering program has been given the Level-one discipline doctorate degree granting authority; its core teaching team of Library and Information Science was appraised as a national-level teaching team; six of its courses were awarded as National Quality Courses. Some of its major research achievements won the State awards; the Center for the Studies of Information Resources (CSIR), Wuhan University was approved as a Key Humanity and Social Science Research Base by MOE; the academic journals edited and published by SIM, Document, Information & Knowledge and Publishing Science were listed as CSSCI source journals; and SIM is a Philosophy and Social Sciences Research and Innovation Base of the National “985 Project” and a member of National “211 Project”. Since 2009, SIM has become a member of the iSchools. 

Through the past 90 years of succession, SIM has formed its long-standing tradition of “Creation, Exploration, and Innovation.” Thousands of quality graduates have set off from here to all over China and the world. Among them are world-famous scholars, senior and junior experts, excellent leaders of domestic and foreign industries, as well as numerous talents who have been making their contributions in their daily work.

Targeting to “Carry forward traditions and Build the future together,” we will be holding the 90th anniversary celebration of SIM. Our activities of celebration are scheduled as follows:

 1. The grand celebration ceremony will be held on October 8, 2010; October will be the month of celebration.

2. A series of symposiums including the Third International Symposium on Library and Information Science Education in the Digital Age will be held during the celebration. (A special symposium on Boone Library School will be arranged during the Symposium)

3. Make the Alumni Name List of SIM

4. Make the Chronological List of Events of SIM

5. Set up an exhibition on the 90th Anniversary of the School of Information Management of Wuhan University.

6. Publish the 90th Anniversary of the School of Information Management of Wuhan University (1920-2010)

7. Hold celebration seminars on Library Science, Information Science, Archival Science, Publishing Science, E-commerce, Information Resources Management, Management Science and Engineering, respectively, at individual departments.

8. Publish Research Advancement in Library Science, Research Advancement in Information Science, Research Advancement in Archive Science, Research Advancement in Publishing Science, Research Advancement in Information Resources Management, Research Advancement in Information Management and System, and Research Advancement in E-commerce.

9. Host an alumni seminar.

 We sincerely invite our alumni and colleagues from both home and abroad, representatives from other LIS schools and departments, and friends from all circles who have been supporting the development of our school to attend the celebration.

 It is truly our wish that our alumni and friends from both home and abroad would provide us with all kinds of pictures and photos, written material and any material of historic value such as admission notices, graduate certificates, text books and school assignments, school report cards and school badges they had kept and collected during the past 90 years. Everybody who donates the original will receive a donation certificate from us. We will carefully keep the donated forever; otherwise we will return the original to you after the celebration if it cannot be donated.

 We would also expect our alumni from both home and abroad to take part in the celebration activities in the forms of writing and recording the great events in different historical period during the past 90 years, and writing memorial articles reflecting the development of our school. In addition, we will be grateful for all valuable proposals on the innovation and development of our school. The deadline for your submission is July 30, 2010.

 We would take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the long term support and attention we have received from friends of all circles and all our alumni. We are looking forward your support and participation in our 90th anniversary celebration.

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