This is a reminder that the deadline for nominations for the ALISE 
Service Award is fast approaching.  This Award recognizes regular and 
sustained service to ALISE.  Criteria for this award include:

    * Candidate should be a current member of ALISE (required to
      establish eligibility for award)
    * Evidence of regular and sustained service to ALISE through the
      holding of various offices and positions within the organization
      or fulfilling specific responsibilities for the organization (35
    * Participation in activities which have enhanced the stature,
      reputation, and overall strength of ALISE (35 points)
    * Representation of ALISE to other appropriate organizations,
      institutions, or governmental agencies (30 points)

Nominations should consist of:


      *A Nomination Letter* (electronically or in hard copy) describing
      the ways in which the nominee fulfills the criteria above,
      accompanied by

    * *Appropriate Supporting Documentation*, e.g., letters of support
      that address the criteria listed above; evidence that demonstrates
      how the nominee meets the criteria, such as a CV of the nominee or
      a description of his/her appropriate activities and contributions.

Papers must be received no later than July 15, 2009. They should be 
emailed as an attachment in Word format to:

Louise Spiteri
Chair, ALISE Service Award
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Louise Spiteri, PhD
Academic Program Director
Master of Library&  Information Studies
School of Information Management
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS Canada B3H 3J5
Voice:  902-494-2473
Fax:      902-494-2451
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