Dear Colleague:

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), together with
HISTORYTM and the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities,
invites libraries and students across the United States to flex their
creative muscles and share their passion for American history by
participating in HISTORYTM's America: The Story of Us contests.  For
libraries, the contest entails creating a special exhibit or media
project about American history that will strengthen their communities'
interest in American history.  Students are asked to create a short
video based on any topic related to American history and are encouraged
to use the resources of local libraries, historical societies, and
archives for information on their own local history or on the American
history topic that interests them most.

These contests are exciting opportunities to promote learning about
American history and explore our nation's diverse heritage. We are
delighted that HISTORYTM is reaching out to the nation's libraries to
encourage a community dialogue about America's past.

Please see the attached flyers about each contest and refer to
HISTORYTM's website for more information.


Marsha Semmel

Acting Director, IMLS