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                 October 6-9, 2010
               College Park, Maryland

               Fellowships Available
          Applications Due March 31, 2010

The fifth Library Research Seminar (LRS-V) will
bring together a diverse community of scholars from
academia and practitioners from libraries and
archives who are interested in research that informs
policy-making, decision-making, and best practices.
Participants will share research projects and
explore ways to develop future research agenda,
refine research methods, and facilitate successful
completion of research projects. Participants who
are practicing information professionals in
libraries, archives, information centers and
knowledge centers will learn about evidence-based
ideas that they can put into practice.

The LRS-V Program Committee invites students, junior
faculity and practitioners to apply for fellowships
to attend the conference. Funding for fellowships is
provided by the Institute of Miuseum and Library
Services (IMLS). There will be 10 fellowships in
each of the three categories. Individuals who
receive fellowships will be asked to perform a
service for the conference. Service choices are:
1. Presenting a paper at the conference (Proposals
must be submitted by March 15, 2010. See conference
website for more information
2. Writing a blog about the conference
3. Assisting with logistics of the conference for 6
4. Other (the individual may specify)

See conference website for more information and to
download an application

Important Dates:
Deadline for applications: March 31, 2010
Winners notified: May 15, 2010
Dates of conference: October 6-9, 2010

LRS-V co-chairs: Diane L. Barlow and Trudi Bellardo
Hahn, University of Maryland

Conference Presenting Sponsors:
Library Research Roundtable of the American Library
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

Pat Fisher,
LRS-V Conference Coordinator