Announcement of the 2010 ASIS&T SIG-III International Paper Contest

The Special Interest Group on International Information Issues (SIG-III) of
the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) is
pleased to announce its eleventh competition for papers to be submitted for
the 2010 Annual Meeting, which will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
October 22-27, 2010. ( 

Building from the overall conference theme, the theme for this year's paper
contest is: "Navigating Streams in a Global Information Ecosystem".

Papers could discuss issues, policies and case studies on specific aspects
of the theme from a global and/or international perspective. Topics include,
but are not limited to, the following core areas:

*	Intercultural Information Ethics: Critical reflection on the ethical
challenges related to the global and cross-cultural production, storage, and
distribution of information, as well as the ethical dimensions of the global
development and implementation of information systems, infrastructures, and
*	Information Behavior: Information needs, information seeking,
information gaps and sense-making in various contexts including work,
interests or every-day life activities by individuals or groups.
*	Knowledge Organization: Indexing, index construction, indexing
languages, thesaurus construction, terminology, classification of
information in any form, tagging (expert, user-based, automatic), filtering,
metadata, standards for metadata, information architecture.
*	Information Systems, Interactivity and Design: How people use and
communicate with information systems; the design, use and evaluation of
interactive information technologies and systems, including interfaces and
algorithms; search and retrieval, browsing, visualization, personalization.
*	Information and Knowledge Management: Information and knowledge
creation, transfer and use at the personal, group, organizational and
societal levels. The management of the processes and systems that create,
acquire, organize, store, distribute, and use information and/or knowledge.
Selected papers will be published in the International Journal of
Information Management.
*	Information Use: How people re-purpose existing knowledge from a
variety of sources (scientific, humanities, news, family, friends,
colleagues), forms (articles, books, video, audio, tweets), locations (work,
home, in transit) and mediums (cell-phones, PDAs, digital libraries) to
advance knowledge, solve problems, improve information literacy, and learn.
*	Information and Society: Economic, Political, Social Issues:
Copyright issues, policies and laws; national and international information
policies; privacy and security; economics of information, personal rights
vs. freedom of information; surveillance; globalization and the flows of
information; computerization movements; social informatics.

Selection Criteria
There will be up to six winners who will be selected by a panel of judges
including: Michael Zimmer (UW-Milwaukee), Johannes Britz (UW-Milwaukee),
Maria Haigh (UW-Milwaukee), Hong Xu (University of Pittsburg), Catherine
Johnson (Western Ontario), Anindita Paul (University of Missouri), and
Borchuluun Yadamsuren (University of Missouri).

The judging criteria will be based on:

*	Originality of paper in the developing world and global information
ecosystem (originality of the project described, etc.)
*	Relevance to the paper contest theme
*	Quality of argument, presentation and organization


Past winners can be found at:

Eligibility & Information for authors

Only papers by a principal author who is a citizen of, and resides in a
developing country are eligible. Winners in the 2006-2009 contests are not
eligible. The papers should be original, unpublished, and submitted in
English. We encourage submissions from librarians, information and network
specialists, and educators involved in the creation, representation,
maintenance, exchange, discovery, delivery, and use of digital information.


The award for each winner is a two-year individual membership in ASIS&T. In
the case of multiple authors, the principal author will be awarded the
ASIS&T membership. In addition, depending on SIG III fundraising for this
competition, the first place winner will be rewarded a minimum of $1,000
toward travel, conference registration, and accommodations while attending
the ASIS&T Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 22-27,

The international paper contest committee requires that submissions follow
the International Information and Library Review instructions to authors.
Detailed information is available under the heading, Guide for Authors at:
Publishing opportunities
Submitted papers will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of the
International Information and Library Review, subject to the usual peer
refereeing process, for that journal.

ASIS&T Copyright Policy
ASIS&T will have the non-exclusive right to publish any of the papers
submitted on its web site or in print, with ownership and all other rights
remaining with the author.

Deadline for submission of full papers
Authors are invited to submit manuscripts, not to exceed 5,000 words, by May
31, 2010, to Michael Zimmer at [log in to unmask], preferably as Microsoft Word
or PDF attachments.



Michael Zimmer, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies
Associate, Center for Information Policy Research

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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3210 N. Maryland Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

p: 414.229.3627
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